It still didn’t make my day

This has been our longest conversation since last month. For the past couple of weeks, we haven’t been able to talk to each other that much because of all the reasons in the world (i.e. someone pulled the chair beside me, someone else sat beside me, you were VERY late, you were absent, I was absent, etc.). I was expecting that this must have at least made me very happy and giddy, BUT IT DIDN’T

Well, at least you tried to make me smile today,  I’d give you that. And by try, I mean really tried.

While fiddling with his smartphone…

♔: Kumusta Medicine?

Me: Uhm, okay naman

<insert birds chirping>

♔: Ano may result na ba yung exam niyo?

Me: Wala pa. I don’t know. Feeling ko ang baba ko dun <insert fake laugh>

♔: Ang unfair ng ginawa nila. Well, ganun talaga. Wala tayong magagawa

Me: Yeahhhhh.

<dead aiiiiiiir>

♔: May class ka pa ng 1, right?

Me: Yeah. Why?

♔: Wala naman. 

Me: Uhm but it’s 10 am today. 

♔: O, bakit?

Me: Well, I don’t know nakiusap siguro yung first years. Pero it’s just for today

♔: Ah ok. Pero andito ka pa ng 1? 

Me: Uhm, maybe. Bakit?

♔: Wala naman.

<and then there comes a point where I pretended that whatever the prof is saying’s really interesting>

♔: May surg ka di ba? I mean, may surg ka ba?

Me: Uhm yeah. Meron. 

♔: Kumusta naman?

Me: Okay lang.

♔: Madali lang di ba? <insert wide smile>

Me: Yeah, madali lang. Medyo topakin lang yung prof pero ok naman.

♔: Lalo na yung move exam, sobrang dali, basta, blah, blah, blah <I swear, i just really pretended to listen to whatever you were saying>

Me: Ah talaga? Edi maganda. <another fake smile>

<dead air that seemed foreverrrrr>

♔: Nag-attendance ka na?

Me: Yeah.

<Thank goodness the last slide finally flashed>

Me: Ipapakita ba yung exam results today?

♔: Siguro. 

Me: Ah ipapakita yata kasi nakapila sila. <and then walks away>

There were other things we talked about prior this but I was too unfocused to remember now. So basically our day ended with that. I wonder how it’ll be like next weekend.


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