“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”
― Mary Anne Radmacher

My student awhile ago sent me this picture. Upon laying eyes on it, I knew, I have to visit this place before I die.

Before my 18th birthday, my mother talked me into traveling instead of throwing a party. Her offer back then was to have me travel anywhere I’d like with my best friend. For reasons unfathomable to me now, I declined the offer. I don’t know what’s up but the hormone-surging younger version of myself chose to throw a party I didn’t even have time to plan in the first place. Well, to keep the long story short, it’s one thing I truly regret in my life. Haha

I don’t know. Maybe, the thought of seeing a new place and experiencing a new culture didn’t sound enticing to me before. That, or I wasn’t thinking at all about it. Haha Looking back at that situation, my mom courted me months just so I’d pick the travel. I even remember asking her, “Ano’ng gagawin ko naman dun?” (What am I going to do there?). Stupid, I know. But, yeah, forgive my imbecile self. Haha

Travel opens one’s eyes and minds, people like to say. I’d never know because I’ve never been exposed to that much diverse culture as my own for I’ve only traveled locally.  But I often like to imagine what it must be like to be at this place and that; to meet these types of people; to party and talk to strangers you never thought you’d get to hang with; to converse with people you have zero knowledge about; to sit at a random park and people watch; and a lot of other stuff. I’d be overwhelmed with emotions, that’s for sure. And for once, I’d like to experience what it must actually feel like and not just continuously fathom about it.

So, this year, I’ve decided (and yes, I’m announcing it to the entire world to make it legit), that I AM GOING TO TRAVEL ABROAD BEFORE MY 25TH BIRTHDAY. Well, this Hakone travel in Japan will have to be put on hold for all the monetary reasons one can think of, but one day, I’m sure, I will get there.

Rumi once said that “Travel brings power and love back into your life.” This trip I’m planning may not give me exactly love and power per se, but it will give me a new set of eyes paired with a new set of ideals, mindset and view – that, I’m sure of.


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