I was running in late for class yesterday. I actually arrived 20 minutes after class (supposedly) started and was honestly already hesitant to come in. Good thing, I did. Not only was our prof late for class, but he turned out to be the best one I’ve had in my entire medicine life. 

I didn’t catch his name. I’m awfully bad at names, to begin with. But he really captured the entirety of my attention the whole 10 minutes he was speaking in front. He is a Medicolegal and I’m not sure if Medicolegals are actually lawyers, or forensic experts, or what-have-you, but all I know is, they deal with courts, homicides, forensics, and all the excitement it brings. It must be cool to have that kind of life I only see in American TV shows. You know, CIA-ish, Bones, Criminal Minds kind of stuff. What thrill will it be to actually work on a crime scene and think your way out of a murder case? Haaaa I can’t even begin how this makes me feel! So, yeah, I’m now considering Forensic Medicine as a specialization in the future. I actually started out having Pediatrics in mind, then kind-of-liked Cardio last year; but this year, I’m having my eyes on Forensics. Hihi

I’m not gonna lie, being one sucker for TV series’ the main reason here, but the tease of having to solve a crime is something I just can’t resist imagining. I got sold in the idea when he (our medicolegal professor) told us that he’s one of the doctors whose research got the Ninoy Aquino case reopened in 2003(?). According to him, they found out that Ninoy was indeed shot behind the head, with the bullet directed upwards contradicting the initial findings in 1983 and consistent with the findings to that of Dr. Munoz during the trials. He’s one of the key persons in rewriting the Philippines’ History! How cool is that? No, wait, how COOL is that?! 

This may not still have no finality to it yet, but I just can’t help but picture myself working through crime scenes and tracing evidences. 


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