Most Things Are Best When They’re Imperfect

“The real work of it all is to realize that some things are just better when they’re imperfect. The cracks let the light through…It will be the cause of a lot of your suffering. But you are always better for having suffered. An easy, beautiful life does not always make an easy, beautiful person…We cannot keep waiting for perfect. We have to settle into what’s beautiful, and what’s here, and what’s waiting to be recognized as such. It’s the only way we’ll be able to move on and it’s the only way we won’t always feel like we need to.”


…because i’m a twentysomething

“enjoy where you are. here. right here.”

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that. Thanks for this. 🙂

today was meaningful

when i was thirteen, i couldn’t wait to be eighteen.  i thought i’d know it all by then- have all the answers and that prized freedom. and when i was sixteen, i planned to be married by age twenty-three with two kids. i’ll always smile to myself when i think about how time changes things. and when i turned twenty four i made a list of as many goals as i had in years. by my 25th birthday, i’d accomplished them all.

and a funny thing happens about the time you turn twenty.five. people start asking about marriage and kids and houses. and you begin to worry about savings, retirement, and health insurance.  you start spending your money on tires. short term sacrifices for long term gains, right? and sometimes you start to compare your 25 years with everyone else’s. you wonder if you’re on the right track because…

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