What People Do When They Don’t Really Love You

“When someone loves you, you will know it” 🙂

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I try to lace my work with optimism because a guiding principle in my own life has been that the most tragic things in our lives almost always precede the most incredible. I think that, at any given point, we are faced with the choice of whether to move on with what the universe gives and takes or to hold on and bury ourselves in our own misery. I do not perch on a high horse preaching this, because I have been in those depths, and I know what it’s like. I also know that there are few issues that will destroy you faster than matters of the heart. But what I must tell you is that while teaching myself to climb out of that sadness and attachment-laden-misery, I realized something that is a bit more realistic than optimistic, but so invariably true that it’s worth giving attention to.


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This really warmed my heart. This video captured of how Filipinos are grateful for all the help it has been receiving from the International community. I’m Pinay and through this video from the Department of Tourism, I want to thank every single person out there who has given their part in helping my fellowmen during dire times.

Maraming maraming salamat po sa lahat ng tulong ninyo sa naapektuhan ng bagyong Haiyan.

7 Reasons Why Being Single On Valentine’s Day Is Actually Awesome

I was struggling last year on Valentines Day – it was the longest break-up and it definitely took a toll in the whole of my life. I’m feeling extra positive about this year not because I want to show everyone else that I’m actually happy on my own, but because I’m truly happy being alone this year. 🙂

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If I have learned anything in life, it is that people do not need to be alone to be lonely. I know many people who have been far lonelier in a relationship than they have ever been by themselves. So why does our society function on the premise that to be single is to be lonely, and to be alone on Valentine’s Day is to be rejected or unloved in some intrinsic way? As someone who has been alone on every Valentine’s Day since eighth grade, I can say with certainty that I have never felt that my value as a person is somehow diminished because I am not receiving a heart-shaped box of chocolates and red roses from someone I may or may not actually care about. Your worth is not determined by a commercial holiday bursting with illusion, false companionship, and fleeting notions of love.

I have heard…

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