Two Bolts of Lightning Strike One World Trade Center

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As a thunderstorm passed over New York City Friday night, photojournalist Gary Hershorn captured two bolts of lightning hitting the spire on top of One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.

A seasoned photographer and photo editor, Hershorn described how he captured the photo: “I saw the storm clouds forming while I was shooting some pictures of lower Manhattan from Jersey City right across from One World Trade Center. I was shooting with a point and shoot camera so I raced home and grabbed my real camera and tripod and went to a gazebo next to the Hudson River and shot endless 10 second exposures hoping to catch the bolts of lightning. I shot about 150 pictures and 6 frames had lightning bolts. I missed about 5 others in between frames. I was able to shoot from a covered spot in the pouring rain. It feels like I spend…

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Hello, blog. It’s been a while. Well, what can I say? It’s summer vacation and I’ve been really busy for the past couple of days. I’ve wanted to update you on my recent escapades but still can’t find time to finish editing pictures. Hopefully I get to finish that this week. 🙂 

So anyway, something bothered me today… What does someone do when a perpetrator tries to squeeze into your life again? I was blessed with a good memory but sometimes I feel like it’s a curse. Believe it or not, I have memories as early as three years old. It’s funny how it works, though. One does not get to choose what he/she vividly remembers in the long run. And sometimes I am close to wishing I am not as bright or as attentive just to let everything repressed stay repressed…