Our favorite love story is on at Disney Channel. For the first 5 minutes of the film, I kept swallowing to try to keep the tears from falling but the pang inside my chest can’t be contained. I guess, I’ll never get over UP even if I have written about this film countless times on my journal and previous blog. It just fills me with lots of amazing memories and fun times – the giggles, morning talks, star gazing, people watching, evening walks, every thing, every little thing. You are my Carl Frederickson as I am your Ellie. And all the amazing things and amazing times will always be cherished forever. Suffice to say, I miss you, and I miss us.


Never mess with Matt Damon

He’s got awesome point and there are really a lot of shitty reporters out there.

And this just made me laugh so hard this early morning. Kudos to you, Matt Damon! Mainly for being opinionated and having a brain but most importantly for being such a badass both in films and in real life. Cheers to thug life! Haha

Yey for firsts!

Sooooo apparently I’m more bummed by the fact that I’m not able to attend this year’s fair than being dateless this day. Hahahahaha All my favorite people have come together and yessssss they’d be getting drunk and making more drunk memories together and I’m in here trying to juggle my time so I can finish all the readings for next week’s exams. Yep, highlight the S – exams – PLURAL. Hahaha Okay, I’m not actually complaining, really, but I would’ve loved it if I didn’t have that much to do so I can be with my friends this evening. Oh well, I promised myself I’d keep my head on the road and focus on graduating on time and not getting extended. In short, I have to do extra well on my upcoming exams.

Speaking of roads, it was my first day in driving school today and it felt awesome (cue music: Celebration by Kool & The Gang Haha). I didn’t expect to find such weird enjoyment in it to think I’ve been putting it off for so long cos I’m so lazyyyy. Hahahaha And please don’t judge me, I just got used to having someone drive me around wherever. Hahahaha Okay fine, that didn’t sound like a better excuse. So anyway, it was my first day a while ago and I got complimented like a LOT by my instructor cos believe it or not, the engine didn’t die on me, I have a knack for clutch control and I slow down, start and stop smoothly. How’s that for someone who NEVER had a driving background? Hihi Sorry, I’m too proud. Anyway, I was able to drive about 2k a while ago. Just some slow driving and had a couple of annoyed drivers behind me cos I was not driving beyond the 2nd gear. HAHAHAHAHAHA BUUUUUUUT it was my first time, so please gimme a break (#wordplay get it, get it? Break, brake? Okay, that was eye-rolling material. Haha). I can’t wait to have my next class next week. My pops was pretty proud cos finally I got an interest in driving. You see, my brother and I can’t seem to be bothered with cars. Who would’ve thought that my dad’s only problem was how to get me and my brother move our asses and be interested in handling the stick when most parents’ teens can’t get their hands off the steering wheel. Hahahahaha I know, me and my siblings are weird. Had I not badly needed to learn how to drive, I wouldn’t even bother enrolling. Apparently, in my career, I need to learn how to. Hahahahaha Okaaaaay, the point is, I didn’t expect to have fun but a while ago, it was more than fun – I felt awesome.


Me in a few weeks’ time. Hahaha Oh, and thanks giphy for the gif

♥s day

It’s valentine’s day tomorrow and sadly, this is my 3rd one without a date. Well, okay, technically it’ll be the first one in a loooong time cos last year, I attended the UP Fair and met up with a lot of friends (and you know with febfairs, it always end up being one hazy memory from all the alcohol hahahaha) and 2 years ago, I was with my friends Kath and Vivi and had dinner with my dear cousin. So prolly tomorrow, I’ll just try to find a rock big enough for me and try to count until the 15th comes and the sensationalized day passes. Hahahaha Okay, that sounded waaaay bitter than I intended to but yeah, where are them boys at when my heart’s all set and ready with love? Hahahahaha


This Queen anthem couldn’t have been more perfect. Hahahahaha (GIF grabbed here)

Okay, I’m starting to sound really really crazy already (pardon my sleepy and stressed self) but anyway, tomorrow I’ll be alone but I’m glad as hell that my friends gave me some chocs and sweets to lemme feel all the love and care. ♥



Soooo I just got home from our party and it wasn’t perfect at all but I enjoyed and had a blast thanks to my ever crazy friends. ❤️

Anyway, I’m still too lazy to post pictures from my camera but here are a couple of shots a while ago. I felt like a princess and thats what counts, right? Hahahahaha






Gown by Ms Tina Diaz
Hair and make-up by Ms. Eds Go
Accessories: Channel and Pearl Farm, Davao (Thanks, mum!😁)
Shoes: Charles and Keith