♥s day

It’s valentine’s day tomorrow and sadly, this is my 3rd one without a date. Well, okay, technically it’ll be the first one in a loooong time cos last year, I attended the UP Fair and met up with a lot of friends (and you know with febfairs, it always end up being one hazy memory from all the alcohol hahahaha) and 2 years ago, I was with my friends Kath and Vivi and had dinner with my dear cousin. So prolly tomorrow, I’ll just try to find a rock big enough for me and try to count until the 15th comes and the sensationalized day passes. Hahahaha Okay, that sounded waaaay bitter than I intended to but yeah, where are them boys at when my heart’s all set and ready with love? Hahahahaha


This Queen anthem couldn’t have been more perfect. Hahahahaha (GIF grabbed here)

Okay, I’m starting to sound really really crazy already (pardon my sleepy and stressed self) but anyway, tomorrow I’ll be alone but I’m glad as hell that my friends gave me some chocs and sweets to lemme feel all the love and care. ♥



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