Clerkship Chronicles: First 5 days

I literally just got back from my duty status at the hospital and although I’m awfully tired, and not to mention sleepy, I am indeed happy. I can’t pinpoint as to exactly why but, I’m just thankful that everything is going the way it’s supposed to. I’ve always known that this career is what I want, but this sense of belongingness just validates everything. And I’m beyond amazed that this is happening to me. A lot of people might think that I’ve always known all the steps I want to take in life, and I had it all planned out, but truth be told, just Iike everybody else, I’m clueless and scared of the vastness of nothingness and the unknown. Not a lot of people are blessed to feel that they indeed took the right path, and mind you, I’ve doubted myself countless times during the whole duration of my medschool. But seeing all those patients, learning the things I do and need to do first-handedly, knowing that somehow I am making a difference, means a whole lot to me. I’m just thankful that I have indeed chosen the right path; and even more so, for finally feeling that I indeed do belong here. ❤️


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