Catch, Catching, Caught

Waddup waddup. Been  incognito for quite some time. I must apologize for not being too active these days as I have been quite busy in the hospital recently. I can’t even remember when my last update was or if I have updated this blog since the whole junior internship started. But anywayyyyyy. I write this blog literally just minutes after catching a baby. The whole pregnancy have always awed me. A life giving life is precious in itself – and miraculous, not to mention. Although I still haven’t fully decided yet, I think I might go into Pediatrics. For some reason, I find it more interesting than managing adult cases. No matter how tiring things get, I still tend to have a smile on my face when the kiddos arrive. The sense of fulfillment is surreal. I have also felt this way while rotating in Obstetrics but Pediatrics is different. A lot of friends have actually complimented me that I do have the aura of a Pediatrician. How they were able to say so, I don’t know, but there’s a certain kilig whenever someone tells me that. 🙂

A few weeks and months ago, I was already getting pressured because amongst my peers, I’m one of the few who still hasn’t decided the road I’d take in the future. I remember asking myself, “Am I required to know this early on in my career? How can I choose when I still haven’t rotated in all the departments yet?” Well whatdya know? Life definitely has a certain way of surprising you. I never thought I’d actually have a final decision before this whole year ends. Thank You, Lord. 🙂 ❤


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