On ‘Medicine’

As my year of Clerkship comes close to an end, I must say I have learned and experienced a lot. That is not to say I cannot have more, but it is to say that I am coming out of the experience a better doctor and more importantly, a better person. As time for work and learning increased, the opposite goes with the time spent with family and friends. It is not a secret to everyone else I know that I don’t get to spend time with all the people I love as much as I want to. There are after all, setbacks to any career there is in the world. I find myself spending more days in the hospital than my own bed. On duty days, I spend at least 30 hours inside the hospital premises finishing things and trying to provide my best possible self to people. Before this sound more like a rant, I’d like to say, it is totally okay. I have come to terms with my career a long time ago. Sometimes though, I wish I had more time to give to the other aspects of my life sphere. How ironic, isn’t it? Every minute I spend in providing life to others, it takes away every minute of mine? That sounds all too negative, I know, but the best part to talk about is what it actually gives me. In terms of socio-economics, one cannot actually call this a fair trade. How can I be this simple human being with average capabilities (and a pure heart lol) be able to give only so little and get back in return a whole lot more? God must have loved me so much to put  me in this position and use my entirety in being of service to people. It must be grace or faith or blessing or whatever you might want to call it that brought me here, right in this moment and made me realize at an early age that ‘hey, I want to uplift people’s pain’. I have a long road to take on but so far, most days are good, if not great. But with these little successes, I am beyond grateful. It can get really tough and tiring at times but every day, every time I go to bed, I get to tell myself that ‘hey, you made a difference; you touched somebody else’s life; you saved someone today’ – now that is priceless.


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