True Love

I live in a developing country. Now, some people might cringe at the idea of this but I can’t be more thankful. See, I get to see and live on both sides – I get to see a glimpse of the high life like that of developed countries yet get to stay grounded as I also get to live and experience what it’s like for people living below the poverty line. And these are some things easily overlooked when you’re looking far too ahead in the horizon.

My family and I are not what you can call rich. My dad used to tell us when we were younger, that we’re definitely not rich. He wouldn’t be needing to work if we were rich. We get by with the right amount of comfort and some luxury here and there but not all the time. We weren’t raised with all the riches and luxuries, there is. We were exposed to a better world, yes, but definitely not that of the alta de ciudad.

Being exposed to various people on all walks of life will either dismay you or inspire you. I actually get the latter often especially when I deal with patients and their families. It is true that in sickness one gets to witness what it’s like to love and be loved entirely. A while ago, I was blessed to witness just that. I’m not enjoying nor celebrating the fact of someone ill here, but I was merely inspired by the fact that true love does rise and reveal itself during hardships.

A few minutes ago, my uncle (mom’s older brother from a brood of 12) came by our house in need of financial assistance. I know this is such commonplace in Filipino culture but not in our family – especially my mom’s. They were raised in a strict Spanish household and although they do help each other out after all, they’re family – they don’t just ask for money for they know the value of working hard for it. Anyway, a while ago, my uncle came by and was asking for some help. What actually touched me was not the fact that he did that himself but how his eyes sparked whenever he lovingly talked about his wife. Not one point did he complain about the difficulty in taking care of his wife who suffered a stroke and is now paralyzed. Instead, he loved to tell their conversations and funny moments. Here is one man who traveled miles and miles to ask for aid from his daily struggle but all he relayed was his happiness and positivity at a difficulty situation. Amazing. There you are, people. True love at its finest. I wish someday, somehow, I’d be able to marry a man as decent and as pure as my uncle who, despite adversity, remained true and loving to his wife. Bless his heart and I pray for his and his wife’s health.


I’m just overjoyed to be able to witness God’s amazing handy work. I am in awe. ♥


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