Gratitude series: Day 001 Angelic Voice

I’m a believer that every thing around us happens for a reason. There are signs meant for us to see, it’s just up to us if we’d really take the time to look or not. ☺️

A while ago, I happen to chance upon this cutie pie girl.

(Ok sorry I don’t know how to embed videos Hahaha)
Anywaaay, Angelica Hale is a contestant in America’s got Talent and she is a survivor at such a young age. Even more amazing is, she has retained a very positive and strong attitude inspite and despite her situtation. Such an inspiration! And she’s only 9! 

I’m just blessed and thankful I was able to chance upon this video just as I was beginning to be overwhelmed by fear and negative emotions. This board exam is killing me, not to mention making me psychologically unstable. Hahahahaha Buuuuut, I have decided a few days back that I’m gonna give this one a good fight and I’m gonna do my best given the remaining time I have. Here’s to more positivity and retaining my sanity in the days to come. 

A prayer for my passing the exams will also mean a great deal. Thanks you guys! God bless everyone. ❤


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