Hi! I’m Anne. Although that’s technically not my real name, I usually go by Edz most of the time. I often find it difficult to fill-up “About Me” sections so pardon me as I describe myself randomly.

First off, I’m a fun-loving girl. I love to laugh a lot and I welcome any form of happiness with open arms. I love food. Yep, there’s that. I love tasting various cuisines and eating at  places I haven’t tried before gives me this certain elation. I love photography too. Well, please don’t misinterpret that. You see, I love appreciating photography and arts, BUT, I am not a good photographer (yep, photographer friends keep laughing at my blurry and out-of-focus shots. Mehe). I also love to sing. Some days, I get really sad and singing to tunes keep my mind off all the sadness. I’m addicted to books. I can’t even begin just how much joy the written word gives me. I love going to book shops and book sales and book thrift shops and forage for amazing finds. Looking for great titles at book sales tops my “What I Love To Do” list. Although I don’t have enough time to rummage and read through all of my books every day, it’s okay. I still keep buying ’em just because I have a lifetime to fill with literature. I also love fashion. I love being girly and dressing up and applying make-up and yeah, you get what I mean. But, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have that uber girly personality. I can be a tough, intimidating and independent lass. Well yes, most of the time I am all three. I just have a strong personality which sometimes come across bossy. Hahaha And lastly, I am all for optimism and fairness. I may not be positive at times, but little by little, I am learning to let go of all things negative and toxic in life.

So there, for someone claiming she doesn’t know how to do this, this has quite become rather lengthy. Haha Ta-ta for now!

♥ e.a.


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